KDE User and Administrator Conference

Overview and Schedule (weekend 28th/29th of August, 2004)

Presentations will be given in English or German. See schedule for details. Presentations in German are identified as such.

Saturday 28.8 Track 1: Cinema Track 2: Gallery
8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening
9:15 "From fvwm2 to the Enterprise Desktop"
(Keynote SUSE-Novell)
Chris Schlaeger (Vice President Research & Development, SUSE-Novell)
Slides, Transcript
10:15 Coffee Break
Office Work with KDE Development for KDE Newbies
10:30 KOffice: The Road Ahead
David Faure
Linking the Worlds of KDE and Debian

Kevin Ottens/Peter Rockai, KDE Debian Integration Project
Slides, Transcript
11:15 Advanced Scripting with (k)dcop and kdialog
Stephan Binner
Running KDE on your Windows machine

Holger Schröder
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Advanced text editing with Kate
Joseph Wenninger
Quanta Plus:
Professional Web Development with KDE

Andras Mantia/Eric Laffoon
13:45 KDEPrint in der Praxis:
Beherrschen unternehmensweiter Drucksysteme
Kurt Pfeifle
(in German / auf Deutsch)
KDiff3 -- Diff-icult?
Benefits of KDiff3 usage for programmers and "civilians"

Joachim Eibl
Slides, Transcript
14:30 Application development with Kommander
KDEwebdev team
Von MFC nach Qt:
Migrationswege für Softwarehersteller

Eva Brucherseifer, basysKom
(in German / auf Deutsch)
15:15 Scribus and KDE:
Real World Publication Production

Franz Schmid, Scribus
Free Software and UML Software Modelling

Jonathan Riddell
Slides, Transcript
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 KDevelop:
Building applications powered by KDE technology

Harald Fernengel, Alexander Dymo
Slides, Transcript
17:00 Social and Political Aspects of Free Software
Bernhard Reiter, FSF Europe
Slides, Transcript
17:45 Break
19:00 Freedom Software Day with live music
Sunday 29.8 Track 1: Cinema Track 2: Gallery
9:15 Keynote HP
Michael Schulz (HP EMEA)
Slides, Transcript
10:15 Coffee Break
KDE Groupware and Collaboration Migration and KDE Deployment (Success Stories)
10:30 Kolab, a Secure and Scalable Free Groupware Solution
Martin Konold
curses/Motif/Qt - Migration eines ERP Systems
Kurt Keller, Parity Software
(in German / auf Deutsch)
11:15 The Power of Kontact(s)
Daniel Molkentin
Migration erfolgreich!
KDE auf Solaris in einer Stadtverwaltung

Heinz-M. Gräsing (Stadt Treuchtlingen)
(in German / auf Deutsch)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 KMail
Ingo Klöcker
13:45 KOrganizer
Cornelius Schumacher
Slides, Transcript
NoMachine/NX - FreeNX Server - kNX Client;
Ein Trio, das die Business-Welt erobert

Fabian Franz (Knoppix-Team, FreeNX-Projekt)
(in German / auf Deutsch)
14:30 Kopete
Will Stephenson
Praxis Report 10,000 KDE-Arbeitsplätze:
Eine grosse Installation vor ihrer Bewährungsprobe

Reinhard Hennig, Oberfinanzdirektion Hannnover
(in German / auf Deutsch)
15:15 Project Management with TaskJuggler
Chris Schläger, Novell
KDE Kiosk Mode:
Enterprise Linux Desktop Rollouts and Maintenance

Waldo Bastian, SuSE
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 Why I use KDE for Knoppix
Klaus Knopper
17:00 Closing
17:15 End of conference

Note: This is intended to be the final schedule. If there will be changes they will be announced on this web page.