Kalyxo -- Linking the Worlds

KDE User and Administrator Conference

2004 KDE Community World Summit

Speakers: Kévin Ottens and Peter Ročkai of KDE Debian Integration Project

Language: English

Talk is scheduled for: Saturday, 28th of August 2004, 10:30 - 11:15

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Lately, the Linux system is gaining strength on the desktop, as we all know. The KDE Desktop Environment is playing important role in this push, without doubt. However, there are areas that cannot be addressed by KDE itself, because it would mean giving up the vendor neutrality which is an important part of KDE image. Because of this, an independent project, Kalyxo, was started.

Kalyxo (www.kalyxo.org/) is building on the solid foundation of the Debian system, while working on bringing it closer to both user and casual administrator. KDE plays vital role in our project: it is the desktop environment of choice for us. It was chosen because of the power of its technology, in much the same way as Debian.

One of our firstmost goals is to make KDE even better and stronger desktop. This comprises making it the ultimate hosting environment for foreign applications and integrating with the underlying system in a non-obtrusive and user-friendly way. This includes providing a full toolset for system management, which is already being worked on. Another case of innovative technology, NoMachine NX and the FreeNX? system, plays a key role in our system, being especially important for the Enterprise Desktop.

The talk will give an overview of the project itself, the major goals and achievements so far, showcase the current and preview the upcoming technology and more. Space will be left for questions and possibly further discussions of future directions of the project.

About Kévin Ottens

Kevin Ottens

Kévin Ottens is a French KDE Developer doing a PhD Thesis about Knowledge Engineering and Multi-Agents Systems at the "Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse" (IRIT, www.irit.fr). He contributes to the file manager / web browser (Konqueror), works on the KDE libraries (usability and network transparency) and is one of the lead Kalyxo developers.

About Peter Ročkai

Peter Rockai

Peter Ročkai is a Slovak KDE Developer and one of the lead Kalyxo developers and is in the process of becoming a Debian developer. He is currently a student, in the first year at the Faculty of Informatics at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Peter is currently working as a freelance system administrator and web designer. He was also a KDE Traffic maintainer and co-writer.

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