24-26 August 2004 in Ludwigsburg

With usability becoming more and more important for the broad success of Linux and other open OS on the desktop, this track is intented to discuss, demonstrate and refine the means, by which KDE can effectively and seamlessly integrate usability into the everyday development process. This track is for both developers and usability experts. It is all about finding out what works best.

The track and the "playground" will have the following program:

  1. Presentations on methods, workflows and examples on how open source development in KDE and usability can come together "conveniantly". If you want to contribute here, please write to jan.muehlig at relevantive.de.
  2. Usability lab, showing live how "normal" users use KDE applications, in a moderated environment. The tests will be shown on a large screen, so that everybody can attend it. Feel free to suggest applications to be included in the test.
  3. Round table / workshop to discuss which resources in what form are needed (e.g. styleguides, reports, testing, infrastructure) in order to provide and access usability input most easily. This could also include how platforms (mailing lists, openusability.org etc.) can be adapted to what is best.
  4. On-the-run usability support during the coding marathon to give usability input when it is needed and to learn how it is best served (this is the "playground").


See the Usability Track's Overview and Schedule.