24-27 August 2004: Usability Lab

In a public usability test series, we will show how "normal" users use KDE applications. The participants will be given a number of tasks that cover typical usage patterns.

The tests will be moderated, that is, a person is sitting next to the test participant, being in a constant (ideally unconscious) conversation with each other. By this, it is possible to understand what the intentions of the user are, how he/she understands the possibilities, where the problems lie, and so on. There are other methods, but for the purpose of this "presentation", it is likely to be the most fruitful.

The screen itself mixed with a video capture of the participant will be displayed on a large screen - real tv for developers and usability experts. It will be either in German or in English (probably both, depending on the participants).

What is this all for? First of all, developers hardly see their applications in action and can simultaneously discuss it with others. Second, a good usability test is neutral, i.e.does not reproduce you wishes, but rather reasons for usage. Third, it shows how this method generates results that can be the basis for an optimization process. It is a very convincing method, as you will (hopefully) see.

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