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Press contacts

If you have a press enquiry related to aKademy, please direct it to the aKademy team: Alternatively, you can contact the following representatives:

KDE Project
Kurt Pfeifle
Phone +49-172-715-7017
Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart
Hans-Ulrich Schmid
Phone +49-711-22835-27
Mobile +49-172-731-0463
Linux New Media AG
Ms. Rosemarie Schuster
Phone: +49-89-9934-0

Press releases

September 1, 2004 International OSS Desktop Conference aKademy 2004 Ends in Germany
(in English)
August 21, 2004 Knoppix 3.6 'aKademy Edition' Announced at KDE World Summit
(in English)
August 21, 2004 aKademy streaming live on the Internet
(in English; also in Spanish)
July 25, 2004 aKademy Team Veröffentlicht Programm-Übersicht
(in German: Programme Overview)
July 23, 2004 aKademy Team Announces International Lineup
(in English)
July 19, 2004 aKademy Team Veröffentlicht Tutorial-Übersicht (Kurzfassung)
(in German: Tutorial Overview (short))
July 19, 2004 aKademy Team Veröffentlicht Tutorial-Übersicht (Langfassung)
(in German: Tutorial Overview)
March 30, 2004 KDE Community World Summit 2004 "aKademy"
(in English)

Coverage published by, interviewing some KDE Core Contributors, a leading German IT website featured a series of major interviews with leading KDE contributors to highlight the activities happening at aKademy. All interviews are published in German. Some of them were translated into English and may be published on some other website in addition.

Coverage produced and found by the KDE Press Team

What follows is a list of articles put together by KDE volunteers. Unless otherwise stated, material is copyrighted by the KDE Project.

September 7, 2004 Report on day ten of the summit
September 3, 2004 Report on day nine of the summit
September 2, 2004 Report on day eight of the summit
August 30, 2004 Report on day seven of the summit
August 27, 2004 Report on day six of the summit
August 26, 2004 Report on days four and five of the summit
August 26, 2004 KDE to include Google-type desktop search
(by ZDNet UK)
August 26, 2004 KDE and
August 25, 2004 KDE developers focus on accessibility
(by ZDNet UK)
August 25, 2004 Report on day three of the summit
August 25, 2004 Accessibility - Wie barrierefrei sind KDE & Co.?
(interview by
August 24, 2004 Report on day two of the summit
August 24, 2004 Wer braucht KOffice?
(interview by
August 23, 2004 Knoppix 3.6 mit FreeNX erschienen
(interview by
August 20, 2004 Kommander - KDEs neue Geheimwaffe?
(interview by
August 18, 2004 NX - die Revolution des Netzwerk-Computing?
(interview by
August 11, 2004 Waldo Bastian on Kiosk and the Linux desktop
(preview interview, also in il hebrew)
August 8, 2004 Matthias Ettrich talks about KDE and aKademy
(preview interview, also in il hebrew)
August 6, 2004 Nils Magnus (of LinuxTag) on Security and aKademy
(preview interview)

Coverage in developers' blogs

You can read what developers are saying about aKademy (and other KDE matters) on Planet KDE, an aggregation of personal weblogs written by contributors to KDE.