KDE Community World Summit 2004 "aKademy"

DATELINE March 30, 2004

The KDE Project (www.kde.org) is proud to announce its plans for the "KDE Community World Summit 2004", code-named "aKademy". The first edition of this new international event will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, near Stuttgart.

Taking place from August 21st to 29th 2004, the Summit will include an exciting program of talks, presentations, tutorials and joint development, bug-fixing, design and polishing work on the leading Linux and Unix desktop environment.

All active KDE contributors (programmers, artists, documentation writers, translators, promoters and other supporters), interested KDE power users as well the general public are invited to come, attend and participate in the discussions and work.

The Summit is divided into sections in order to provide each target group its own forum:

  • KDE Developers' and Contributors' Conference: August 21st - 22nd
  • KDE Improvement Coding Marathon: August 23rd - 27th
  • General Linux and KDE User and Admin Tutorials: August 23rd - 27th
  • KDE Users' Conference: August 28th - 29th

In addition, the "First International Software Freedom Day" be celebrated parallel to the Summit on August 28th: http://softwarefreedomday.org/

Detailed information on all aspects of the Summit including registration information will be available on the website http://conference2004.kde.org/ by the end of March.

The KDE Community World Summit 2004 is jointly organized and run by KDE e.V., Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS), and Linux New Media AG.

About the KDE Project and KDE e.V.

The KDE Project is a non-profit group of volunteering professionals and enthusiasts contributing to free and open-source software, especially to the "KDE Desktop for the Enterprise". KDE e.V. is a German entity of KDE members for handling legal matters (http://www.kde.org/areas/kde-ev/).

About Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS)

WRS is the "Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation", a subsidiary of the administrative body of the Greater Stuttgart Region. WRS provides services to industry and municipalities in the field of economic development and in 2004 is running an all-year campaign to help advance the deployment of Open Source Software in private and public entities in the Stuttgart region (http://opensource.region-stuttgart.de/).

About Linux New Media AG

Linux New Media, based in Munich, Germany, is the world's leading supplier of Linux content. Linux New Media currently publishes six monthly Linux magazines, produces eight Linux-oriented web sites, and organizes the LinuxPark exhibition at major European trade shows such as CeBIT (http://www.linuxnewmedia.com/).

Contact Information:

KDE Project
Kurt Pfeifle
Phone +49-172-715-7017
Email: pfeifle@kde.org
Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart
Hans-Ulrich Schmid
Phone +49-711-22835-27
Mobile +49-172-731-0463
Email: hschmid@region-stuttgart.de
Linux New Media AG
Ms. Rosemarie Schuster
Phone: +49-89-9934-0
Email: pr@linuxnewmedia.com