Festival at "International Software FreedomDay"

KDE Celebrates International Software FreedomDay
as Part of "2004 KDE Community World Summit"

(in Ludwigsburg/Germany, Region of Stuttgart, 28th of August)

Visitors and delegates at the 2004 KDE Community World Summit will proudly join into the celebrations of the International Software FreedomDay. We plan to use Saturday evening and night to organize a great social event with a very famous keynote speaker. If you don't have the time to come to the complete or at least a part of our 9-day mega event, this evening should definitively prompt you to consider a weekend trip to Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart! It is a great chance to learn to know many active KDE developers and contributors and socialize with them.

International Software FreedomDay during 2004 KDE Community World Summit
Date of event: August 28th
Location: Filmakademie Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart Region, Germany
Event Module 5 Festival at "International Software FreedomDay" 1 Day

Who is it for?

On International Software FreedomDay KDE will be joining with many more projects around the world to celebrate the current success of the Free Software movement as well as preparing for the next round of our battle. The Freedom of Software is endangered by patent legislations, IP lawsuits and the manouvers of certain monopolists for "digital rights protection". The day is a reminder of the fact that the battles are far from over, but may be getting even more fierce.

First International Software FreedomDay

We are glad that the organizers of the "First International Software FreedomDay" have chosen the time of our big aKademy event to celebrate with us the advance of Free and Open Source Software movement in the world.

Please consider to support us by coming to Stuttgart. For general information see http://softwarefreedomday.org/

Date: Saturday, August 28th.

  • Please send all submissions and suggestions to: tutorials2004@kde.org
  • Please note the different sub-events happening 21-29 August.