"aKademy" 2004 Program Overview

Overview "aKademy": All Events at the 2004 KDE World Summit
Aug 20 for members only:
KDE e.V. Membership Meeting, 10am
Aug 21-22 Conference of KDE Developers and Contributors
Saturday evening: Social Event
Event Module 1
2 Days
Aug 23-27 Forum Days
Monday Aug 23: Accessibility Forum
Tuesday Aug 24: Usability Forum
Wednesday Aug 25: Usability Forum
Event Module 2
5 Days
Tutorials for KDE and Linux Users and Administrators
Coding Marathon for KDE Developers and Contributors
Aug 28-29 KDE Users and Administrators Conference Event Module 4
2 Days
Aug 28 evening Festival at "International Software FreedomDay" Event Module 5

Please send all suggestions to the KDE Conference 2004 Team.