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DATELINE July 23, 2004

The aKademy Team announces the schedules for the KDE Community World Summit 2004, code-named "aKademy", taking place in Ludwigsburg, Germany from August 21st to 29th. Featuring speakers from IBM, Novell, SUSE, Conectiva, Trolltech, HP and many community hackers and activists, it promises to be a highlight of the Free Software calendar.

Kurt Pfeifle from the Program Committee said of the summit: "We have put together an impressive program of talks, demos, tutorials, workshops, presentations, and joint coding activities spanning a record number of nine days of working on the future of KDE".

Something for everyone

Tom Chance (KDE UK) looks forward to meet some KDE users who will take the chance to get into direct and personal contact with KDE developers: "What is great about the 9 days is that we have different sub-events for different people. There is a Developer Conference, a Coding Marathon, a User Conference, a Social Event and a series of Tutorials. I am especially interested in hearing first-hand accounts from representatives of various German migration projects who are narrating their success stories on the final day of the event."

Developer Conference

The opening weekend Developer Conference puts a focus on such issues as accessibility, integration, multimedia and tools. This will be an ideal opportunity for members of the KDE community from around the world to make rapid progress towards KDE 3.4, while the release of KDE 3.3 is planned for shortly before the summit. Till Adam, a KMail hacker, is looking forward to "being able to draw an idea on the back of a napkin and show it to someone instead of having to explain everything in emails."

Tutorials, Coding Marathon, Accessibility and Usability Forums

The following week will see a Coding Marathon for developers running alongside an ambitious program of 15 one-day Tutorials for KDE users and administrators, as well as KDE's first Unix Accessibility Forum and a Usability Lab. Rosie Schuster (Linux New Media) looks forward to see how these two forums will drive Linux desktop development to new levels: "The permanent presence of experts from 'relevantive AG' is a very useful initiative. relevantive professionals will offer daily consultation-hours for GUI developers, plus a 'Usability Lab' on site with real-life test persons to be watched by developers as they try to find their way through KDE programs as first-time users."

Kurt Pfeifle, who organized the Tutorial program is very pleased about its scope: "We won some world-class instructors for the topics we offer. Could you imagine to find a better teacher on 'Samba-3' than John H. Terpstra, a long-standing Samba Team member and principal editor of The Official Samba HOWTO Collection and Reference Guide? Users or companies booking such a tutorial will get real value back for their money. KDE benefits too: the tutorial income serves to finance the whole event."

User Conference

The second weekend of the summit will see the User and Administrator Conference. Presentations on everything, from managing your enterprise Linux rollout with KDE Kiosktool, to learning to develop for the web with KDE Web Development Suite and Quanta Plus, to explaining new technologies for cross-platform KDE desktop deployments like FreeNX and NX from NoMachine, to a whole series of exciting "migration success" stories showcased by various speakers from German government organizations and companies are expected to attract visitors from business and government background pondering the ideas to be next in their move to a Linux/KDE desktop.

Fabian Franz, a Knoppix developer, said he is glad to be able to participate in aKademy for 9 full days: "I am looking forward to work with several developers from KDE in person to integrate FreeNX Server and FreeNX Client into the enterprise desktop of the future."

Daniel Molkentin, who works on Kontact, the KDE Groupware Suite added that "alongside the scheduled meetings, developers and users can have 'on the spot' discussions about significant topics such as the future of Qt4/KDE4".

No matter what your interest in KDE, you will find plenty to talk about and participate in.

Getting there

Detailed information on all aspects of the Summit including registration and travel information is available on the website http://conference2004.kde.org/. Book your place early to avoid disappointment!

The KDE Community World Summit 2004 is jointly organized and run by KDE e.V., Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS), and Linux New Media AG.


Programm Entwicklerkonferenz

Programm Coding Marathon

Programm Tutorials

Programm Anwender- und Administrator-Konferenz

Unix Accessibility Forum

Usability Lab


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About Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS)

WRS is the "Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation", a subsidiary of the administrative body of the Greater Stuttgart Region. WRS provides services to industry and municipalities in the field of economic development and in 2004 is running an all-year campaign to help advance the deployment of Open Source Software in private and public entities in the Stuttgart region (http://opensource.region-stuttgart.de/).

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