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DATELINE August 21, 2004

The aKademy Team is excited to announce a set of live audio and video streams covering the KDE Community World Summit 2004, code-named "aKademy", taking place in Ludwigsburg, Germany from August 21st to 29th. Those who cannot attend in person can now watch or listen to what is going on over the Internet, thanks to Fluendo, a Gstreamer-based streaming media company.

Tom Chance, KDE Press Officer commented that "these streams show that free software can now let people from around the world watch a large community event, bringing a conference for half a thousand people to millions over the Internet".

Anyone with an Internet connection and a stream-capable video player can use the streams. The video stream, thanks to bandwidth from the hosts the Filmakademie, can handle 100 users, whilst the audio stream can handle 200 users. Archives of talks will be put online shortly after they finish, for those who miss the live streams. Details for the streams can be found on the aKademy web site at: http://streamingserver.akademy.kde.org/ .

About the KDE Project and KDE e.V.

The KDE Project is a non-profit group of volunteering professionals and enthusiasts contributing to free and open-source software, especially to the "KDE Desktop for the Enterprise". KDE e.V. is a German entity of KDE members for handling legal matters (http://www.kde.org/areas/kde-ev/).

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