Knoppix 3.6 'aKademy Edition' Announced at KDE World Summit

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DATELINE August 23, 2004

To celebrate the start of the CodeMarathon event at the KDE World Summit 2004, the KDE Project and Knoppix proudly announce Knoppix 3.6, dubbed 'aKademy Edition'. Last-minute bugs were fixed, and the finished version demonstrated exclusively in an aKademy tutorial on Knoppix, indicative of the strong relationship between the Knoppix and KDE developer and user communities.

Klaus Knopper, said: "Since the first Knoppix version users have been using KDE and are very comfortable with its efficiency and userfriendliness."

Building on their successful LiveCD platform, Knoppix 3.6 comes with KDE 3.2.3 and the FreeNX Server, which is the speed boosting NX Terminal Server technology in KDE. In presentations at LinuxTag and aKademy, co-authors Fabian Franz and Kurt Pfeifle impressed audiences showing how FreeNX with KDE can provide multiple reliable remote X connections, a huge advantage for KDE developers and Knoppix users alike.

Check the Knoppix mirrors for downloading the ISO. Also you can get FreeNX packages at Kalyxo.


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