Kolab, a Secure and Scalable Free Groupware Solution

KDE Contributor and Developer Conference

2004 KDE Community World Summit

Speaker: Martin Konold

Language: English

Talk is scheduled for: Sunday, 29th of August 2004, 10:30 - 11:15

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Kolab is a comprehensive Groupware solution for Linux/UNIX, based on proven applications like Apache, ProFTPd, Postfix, OpenLDAP (on the server side) and KOrganizer and KMail and others on the client side. With Kolab, work groups can schedule meetings, check each other's availability, assign tasks, and of course handle email. The communication is using open and well-defined protocols and formats, such as IMAP, SSL/TLS, iCal, etc. By means of a plugin, it is even possible to use Outlook as a Kolab client.

The first phase of Kolab development in 2003, commissioned by the German Federal Agency for IT Security (BSI), led to a base groupware system, that OSS developers are now building upon to create an even better solution that should be usable in most Groupware settings. Among our goals are a "secretary mode" (scheduling appointments for your boss, by extension accessing anybody's calendar to which you have access rights), the possibility of keeping multiple calendars in the same client, comprehensive rights management, and many other goodies. In my talk, I will present the technical and organizational challenges of Kolab development, present our goals, and even show an beta version of the new client and server.

About Martin Konold

Martin Konold

Martin Konold is the principal architect of the open source Kolab Groupware solution. He is one of the founders of the K Desktop Environment and involved in Linux from the very early days when it still did not even have this name.

After his university career as a physicist working in the area of simulating physics with the help of high performance computing he was for two years with SuSE AG. In 2001 he left SuSE and became an associate with erfrakon. In this role he is working nationwide as a Senior IT Architect for companies and governmental agencies.

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