KDE User and Administrator Conference

2004 KDE Community World Summit

Speaker: Will Stephenson

Language: English

Talk is scheduled for: Sunday, 29th of August 2004, 14:30 - 15:15

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Kopete is the standard KDE Instant Messaging application. This talk is aimed at those wanting to get the most out of Kopete, be they end users or administrators wanting to use IM effectively under KDE. We present its existing features, new features, interesting tricks, and future directions.

Kopete's basic philosophy is that the people you chat with are more important than the actual means of communication used. To support this, Kopete subordinates multiple individual contacts from different messaging systems into a single contact list entry.

Key new features for KDE 3.3 are a reworked contact list GUI offering a configurable cornucopia of eye candy, as well as useful contact information presented in tooltips. Kopete is now highly integrated with Kontact and Konqueror, allowing users to make use of Instant Messaging presence information all over the desktop, and start chats and file transfers. Additionally, all of Kopete's individual protocol plugins have additional features and improved stability.

We present configuration options for Kopete, including adjusting its look and feel to users' needs, the use of custom notifications, and how to share information with the rest of the KDE desktop. Advanced users will be interested to hear how to theme Kopete's chat display and use external programs to process events.

The talk concludes with some possible next steps for Kopete.

About Will Stephenson

Will Stephenson

Will Stephenson is a developer on the Kopete team with 5 years experience in Linux and KDE. His main focus is integrating Kopete with other elements of KDE, with an emphasis on Kontact. A KDE user since 1999, Will began contributing to Kopete in 2002 with some icons, then added a couple of plugins, and has gotten steadily more addicted and involved since then.

Recently he has been involved in designing and implementing a generic interface to Instant Messaging data and making use of this interface in other KDE applications. He is a Computer Science student at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, and is working for SUSE on Kopete this summer. Besides hacking Will loves cycling and cinema.

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