Workshop "Webdesign with Quanta Plus"

Special Linux and KDE Tutorials at
2004 KDE Community World Summit

(in Ludwigsburg/Germany, Region of Stuttgart, 21st to 29th of August)

New KDE Web Development Tools:
Getting up to speed with Quanta Plus

Instructors: Eric Laffoon & Andras Mantia & Michal Rudolf (Quanta Developers)

Tutorial Language: English
Tutorial Day: Monday, 23rd of August 2004
Tutorial Timing: 9:00 h - 17:00 h

Registration available via our online web form

This one day tutorial....

This class will address Web development with Quanta Plus and the tools in the kdewebdev (and kdesdk) package. The class will assume that you have a basic understanding of HTML and some design experience. The focus will be on giving your real value by making you more productive. Quanta and the kdewebdev tools are feature rich applications that are hard to fully absorb without focused study. This class will focus on using the software for developing better and more productive systems of development.

This class will progress from a better understanding of the basics in Quanta to integrating and utilizing current web development trends and techniques and beyond. This will include.

  • Expanding on the basics
    • The project model - Scoped resource integration and your local test bench
    • Extending Efficiency - Templates, Code Abbreviations and action scripting
    • Editing tips and tricks
    • Integrating XML and Plug In tools
    • Q & A
  • Production Environments
    • Integrating a versioning system
    • Building in Teams - New Team features
    • Using resource pools
    • Integrating with other development platforms
    • Building faster and cleaner code with object modelling
    • Using PHP - Features, Debugging, PHP5
    • Integrating data in your development model
    • Q & A
  • Extending Quanta - New technologies
    • Enter Kommander - Rapid application extension and integration
    • Generating and using class level object dialogs for rapid design
    • Using development event actions to create process models
    • Creating Document Type Editing Packages
    • New Features on the Horizon - Rapid Object Development Template Interface, Project and application Personalities and more
    • Q & A

Many Quanta Plus users believe that it is the premiere tool for web development in the world. So far we have been doing mostly foundational work in preparation for the real fun. With the changes planned for 3.3 and 4.0 we intend to introduce innovations that will have a huge impact on productivity. Our final segment will outline our path to changing the way you interface with your development. Quanta Plus will offer substantial productivity gains as it progresses and it has a lot of substance to digest. Professional developers and corporate shops should consider this class a must attend event.

Along with the traning, examples and Q & A there will be CDs with the included examples and Live CDs to demo the latest version of Quanta. The accompanying data CDs will include resources like PHP classes and Kommander dailogs not previously released and developed exclusively for this course. No matter how well you thought you knew Quanta you will come away with a pile of new and useful information.

About the instructors:

Eric Laffoon has been setting the direction for the Quanta project since he joined it in 2000. He has been the project leader since 2001. Eric has been involved with technology since childhood with hobby electronics projects and with computers since 1975 when he wrote his first program in Fortran. He worked on the first Intel 8080 processors and with the PC since the AT was released. He has worked with several programming languages and started developing web pages in 1994 and professionally in 1996. His quest for the ultimate web development tool eventually drove him to lead the Quanta Project. Today his business is Kitty Hooch catnip but his business web site continues to grow and Quanta remains essential to his livelihood.

Andras Mantia is an experienced professional programmer with over 10 years experience. He met Eric when he introduced Kallery, an image gallery application that was his first KDE application. Andras first programmed on Quanta in December of 2001. In mid 2002 he came on board carrying most of the development for some time. Today he is the programming lead and wears many other hats doing whatever is needed. He is very good with user interface and all aspects of development as well as interacting with users. He is an invaluable asset to the project.

Michal Rudolf became known to the project as the author of Knowit, one of our favorite programs. Michal recently received his PhD in computer linguistics. He joined the Quanta team in 2004 to work on both Quanta and Kommander. It is also interesting given his area of study that he is working on a Kommander given our focus to make it more oriented to process than language. Michal is very focused on user interface and does web development too so he is very attuned to user and fits well with our team.

Suggestions and inquiries direct please to KDE aKademy Team. Registrations only available via our online web form possible.