Workshop "PyQt Introduction"

Special Linux and KDE Tutorials at
2004 KDE Community World Summit

(in Ludwigsburg/Germany, Region of Stuttgart, 21st to 29th of August)

Getting up to speed with PyQt

Instructor: Roberto Alsina (KDE Developer)

Tutorial Language: English
Tutorial Day: Friday, 27th of August 2004
Tutorial Timing: 9:00 h - 17:00 h

Registration available via our online web form

You are a developer (any language) and are asking yourself:

  • How can I create a GUI program the quickest?
  • How can I learn a dynamic scripting language easily?
  • How can I become more productive?
  • How can I best make use of rapid prototyping?
  • Can I find tools which at the same time are more fun to use?
  • Can I find utilities which are easier to use and troubleshoot?

This tutorial is the right one for you then.

Requirements: The PyQt tutorial is aimed at...

  • programmers already familiar with Python. You'll learn in a day how to create very easily and quickly a GUI to your Python scripts.
  • programmer familiar with any high level language. In preparation for this course you should take one day to go through this Python introduction (Yes, you can learn enough Python in a day).

This tutorial will provide, in a day, the basic concepts necessary for developing applications using PyQt, the Python binding of the easy and powerful multi-platform Qt toolkit used by KDE. Your new PyQt programs will not just run inside KDE -- they'll run on all major operating system platforms: Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows..

The main advantage of using PyQt instead of C++/Qt is the dynamic nature of the language, enhancing the programmer´s productivity. The most frequent comment from people trying PyQt is that it is i"natural to use".

The tutorial will include these topics:

  • Basic Qt concepts: signals/slots, parent/child
  • Quick tour of Qt functionality
  • The differences compared to C++/Qt
  • Designer and pyuic
  • Advanced tricks: hacking the classes without inheritance, custom widgetry, distutils packaging
  • PyKDE

About the instructors:

Roberto Alsina has developed using Qt for 7 years, and PyQt for two. He has taught computing classes for 10 years.

Suggestions and inquiries direct please to KDE aKademy Team. Registrations only available via our online web form possible.