Tutorial "KDE 3.2 & Kiosk Mode for System Administrators"

Special Linux and KDE Tutorials at
2004 KDE Community World Summit

(in Ludwigsburg/Germany, Region of Stuttgart, 21st to 29th of August)

KDE 3.2 & Kiosk Mode for System Administrators

Instructor: Waldo Bastian (KDE Developer)

Tutorial Language: English
Tutorial Day: Friday, 27th of August 2004
Tutorial Timing: 9:00 h - 17:00 h

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In this one day tutorial, KDE core developers Waldo Bastian will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about deploying and maintaining KDE in your organization. Some of the basic design concepts behind KDE will be explained and you will learn how you can take advantage of them. You will learn how to set up KDM, KDE's login manager, which is the first point of contact for your users. Once the user is logged in he will be greeted by the desktop. Your desktop, because you will learn how to customize the default desktop, menu and panel to match the needs of your organization and give your users everything they need and nothing they don't. By locking down parts of KDE you can ensure that the desktop remains as you have set it up. You will learn about the technology used to lock down settings and its limitations. From there we go hands on and use the Kiosk Admin Tool to bring theory into practice. For the lazy admin, you will be explained how remote desktop sharing can let you solve your users problems from the comfort of your own office. The tutorial will be concluded with a quick glance at the tools that you can use to extend KDE with custom functionality.

- - KDE directory layout
- - configuration files
- - the startup sequence explained
- - environment variables

KDM, Login Manager

Customizing KDE
- - Desktop icons
- - The KDE menu
- - The panel

Locking down KDE
- - how it works
- - Kiosk Admin Tool
- - user profiles

The Lazy Admin
- - Remote Desktop Sharing

KDE Do-It-Yourself, build your own tools
- - dcop
- - kdialog

About the instructor:

Born in the Netherlands, Waldo Bastian, 32, is a core developer of the KDE project since 1998. After obtaining a master's degree in electrical engineering he worked as embedded software engineer in the telecommunications industry before joining SUSE in 1999. Waldo Bastian is co-author of the freedesktop.org Desktop Menu Specification and Base Directory Specification and author of the Kiosk Admin Tool.

With a passion for french cuisine and british reality tv, Waldo currently lives in north-west France.

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