Workshop "KDevelop"

Special Linux and KDE Tutorials at
2004 KDE Community World Summit

(in Ludwigsburg/Germany, Region of Stuttgart, 21st to 29th of August)

KDevelop -- the most powerfull IDE for Linux and Unix

Instructors: Ian Reinhart Geiser and Harald Fernengel (KDE Developers)

Tutorial Language: English
Tutorial Day: Thursday, 26th of August 2004
Tutorial Timing: 9:00 h - 17:00 h

Registration available via our online web form

1) Introduction to Templates
   - An overview of what ones do what things
     and how to work with them for the first time.
2) Managing Your Project
   - How to setup make environment
   - How to tweak C/C++ environment variables and compilers
     This also covers details of crosscompilers and such.
   - Introduction to the QMake project manager, things
     project types, manipulation etc..
   - Introduction to the Automake project manager
     more of the same only with automake.
   - Managing non code files inside of your project.
     adding icons, support files, documentation sources etc...
   - Using CVS integration with your project files.
   - Overview of the ClassWizard.
   - Overview of the Qt Designer integration (subclass ui etc...)
   - Overview of the newfile templates.
   - Overview of the katepart and how to get your work done.
   - Q&A for the above.
3) Qt Designer
   - Overview of the UI.
   - Modifying widget properties.
   - Getting the hang of layouts.
   - Advanced features: signal slots, icon and layout functions, etc...
   - Q&A for the above.
4) Advanced Features
   - Doxygen integration and use.
   - The documentation browser.
   - Using the Debugger, break points, watchvarables
   - RegExp Designer/Debugger, Grep tool tricks, the ever
     popular F2( member shortcut...), KTrader Tool,
     Code formatting, valgrind part, diffpart... this
     is a long section but developers act like they are in
     a candy store here
   - Packaging the project.
   - Abbriviation expansion.
   - Q&A for the above.
5) Expanding KDevelop
   - How to construct templates for internal needs.
   - How to add and modify documentation shortcuts in
     the browser.
   - How to add new file templates.
   - Adding new parts and tools to KDevelop
6) Overall Q&A period.

About the instructors:

Ian Reinhart Geiser has developed using KDE for 6 years, C++ for 8, PyQt for 3 and KDevelop for 5. He has taught computing classes on a consulting basis for 2 years.

Harald Fernengel has developed using KDE for xx years, C++ for xx, PyQt for xx and KDevelop for xx. He has taught computing classes for xx years.

Suggestions and inquiries direct please to KDE aKademy Team. Registrations only available via our online web form possible.