aKademy Coding Marathon Week

Sessions during the Coding Marathon Week (23-27 August 2004)

See Coding Marathon Week Program for details about location and time of the sessions.

NX/NoMachine-FreeNX-kNX-Qt-KDE: How to improve network performance of Qt and KDE (with and without NX)

Chairs: Kurt Pfeifle (KDE) and Fabian Franz (Knoppix)

I will invite Gian Filippo Pinzari from NX/NoMachine to reveal some of his research results about Qt and Gtk performance over X11 and NX links. Gian Filippo will report about his findings how Qt and KDE could be greatly improved regarding speed on remote GUI connections (with or without NX).

This is certainly an interesting and very exclusive offering, since Gian Filippo never before revealed these secrets in a public demo or presentation (it is in his GPL'd NX source code though)..

I asked Matthias Ettrich about it and he said he'd surely send 1 or 2 core Qt developers to attend too.