Common Information Model - Use-cases, KDE-integration

KDE Contributor and Developer Conference

2004 KDE Community World Summit

Speaker: Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel

Language: English

Talk is scheduled for: Sunday, 22nd of August 2004, 10:00 - 11:00

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CIM - the Common Information Model - is an open standard maintained by the Desktop Managamgent Task Force (DMTF). CIM allows to instrument computer systems to facilitate (remote) systems management. CIM is fully object oriented and already implemented on a wide range of environments, including Sun Solaris, MS Windows and, of course, Linux.

To build a CIM-based administration suite, three main components have to be implemented: Providers that map a real system to the abstract CIM model, a CIM object manager (CIMOM) to provide a runtime environment for these providers, and client tools to perform the administrative tasks.

On linux, a couple of open source CIMOMs are available, e.g. OpenWBEM. Providers to instrument linux systems are created in the SBLIM project headed by an IBM group. What is severly missing at the moment are client tools.

This talk presents an introduction into CIM and the surrounding technologies. Some examples how these technologies can be used to build system adminstration tools will be given. One working example, the KDE CIM-browser, will be demonstrated.

Finally, the talk wants to offer some ideas about how to integrate CIM technologies with the KDE desktop.

About Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel

Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel

Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel has been addicted to KDE since almost the beginning of the project. Among quite a number of other things, he initiated kcontrol, worked as a release dude, hacked a bit on kdevelop and, most important of all, authored kteatime.

Educated as a physicist, he could not resist to turn his hobby, KDE programming, into a job and joined Caldera in 1999 to work on the OpenLinux desktop distribution. When the "good old times" ended for Caldera, he left the company and joined method park, an engineering and consulting company. At the moment he helps customers develop their software as a project manager.

Matthias is married, lives in Erlangen / Germany and regrets to have almost no time for KDE development any longer. And he is still proud to be able to celebrate his birthday together with KDE 1.0.

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