Cooperation with the window manager

KDE Contributor and Developer Conference

2004 KDE Community World Summit

Speaker: Lubos Lunak

Language: English

Talk is scheduled for: Sunday, 22nd of August 2004, 11:00 - 12:00

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Window manager, although perceived by many people only as an application responsible for drawing frames around windows and changing their geometry, is an essential component of any user interface for the X Window System, responsible for the presentation of the user interface to the user and for managing shared resources such as screen space or input focus.

First there will be introduced basic concepts of the X Window System, principles of window managers and brief description of used and related technologies like the EWMH window manager specification, application startup notification or focus stealing prevention.

The talk will focus on providing information application developers should know in order to make their applications cooperate properly with the window manager and other running applications, like explanation and proper usage of window types and Qt's widget flags, and on solving common problems, like ensuring providing enough necessary information for advanced technologies like focus stealing prevention.

At the end, several interesting concepts from other GUI's such as Expose(tm), window tabs or split workspaces will be introduced, hopefully leading to discussion and eventual inclusion of new user interface concepts to KDE.

About Lubos Lunak

Lubos Lunak

Lubos Lunak works on KDE as a member of SUSE Labs. He currently maintains several KDE core components (window manager, session manager, some kdelibs classes), has contributed to several other KDE core components, including KDE optimizations.

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