Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware

KDE Contributor and Developer Conference

2004 KDE Community World Summit

Speakers: Marco Lohse, Michael Repplinger, Philipp Slusallek

Language: English

Talk is scheduled for: Sunday, 22nd of August 2004, 11:00 - 12:00

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Today's multimedia infrastructures adopt a PC-centric approach, where all multimedia processing takes place within a single computer. The network is, at best, used for streaming data transmission. Since there is a strong trend towards networked systems, these centralized approaches are becoming obsolete. The goal of our work is to design and develop a multimedia middleware, which considers the network as an integral part and enables the intelligent use of devices distributed across a network: the Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM).

NMM is both a research project and an emerging Open Source project. NMM runs under GNU/Linux (and other UNIX operating systems), is implemented in C++, and distributed under the LGPL and GPL. As a basic service, NMM allows local and remote multimedia devices or software components to be controlled by and integrated into a multimedia application. While this distribution is transparent for developers, no overhead is added to all locally operating parts of the application. To this end, NMM also aims at providing a standard multimedia framework for all kinds of desktop applications.

In this talk we will focus on following topics

  • Exciting and new application scenarios for networked multimedia
  • General overview of the NMM architecture
  • Middleware services provided by NMM
  • Examples for applications built on top of NMM
  • Developing distributed multimedia applications with NMM
  • Developing plug-ins for NMM

About Marco Lohse

Marco Lohse

Marco Lohse is a research assitant and PhD student at the Computer Graphics Lab at Saarland University, Germany. He is architect, developer and project manager for the Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) (

About Michael Repplinger

Michael Repplinger

Michael Repplinger is a research assistant and PhD student at the Computer Graphics Lab at Saarland University, Germany. He is architect and developer for the Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) (

About Philipp Slusallek

Philipp Slusallek

Philipp Slusallek is full professor at the Computer Graphics Lab of Saarland University, Germany, and currently serves as speaker of the Center of Excellence in Computer Science in Saarland. Before joining Saarland University he was visiting assistant professor at the Stanford University graphics lab from 1998 to 1999.

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