KDE Community World Summit 2004

aKademy/UserConf: Call For Presentations

(event module 4, weekend 28th/29th of August)

Please send all paper submissions to: cfp2004@kde.org. Please note the different sub-events happening 21st to 29th of August.

Event Overview

Event-Module 1 (DevConf):
Conference of KDE Developers and Contributors (--> more...)
Event-Module 2 (CodeJam):
Coding Marathon for KDE Developers and Contributors (--> more...)
Event-Module 3 (Tutorials):
Ten Tutorials for KDE and Linux Users and Admins (--> more...)
Event-Module 4 (UserConf):
KDE User and Administrator Conference
Event-Module 5 (Festival):
Festival at "International Software FreedomDay" (--> more...)

This is a Call for Presentations to showcase KDE applications and KDE technology at our public KDE Users and Administrators Conference. As one major emphasis during this conference we like to welcome topics related to KDE as a Desktop for the Enterprise.

 Date of full aKademy: August 21st to 29th
             Location: Filmakademie Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart Region, Germany)

More info at http://conference2004.kde.org/ (Bookmark this -- there will be more announcements and infos forthcoming!). See also separate Call for DevConf Papers and Talks and outline of different sub-events.

Participants of the "KDE User and Administrator Conference"

The "KDE User and Administrator Conference" is open to all KDE contributors, KDE power users, KDE administrators, KDE friends and all people interested to evaluate KDE as a desktop environment for their own or their users' benefit. We are also inviting participants and delegates from companies and third parties who are interested to learn about KDE technology and its power as a development platform by seeing what is there already.

Considerations for your submission

Think about this:

  • Do you have a particular expertise related to KDE usage or a special KDE program that could be useful for your fellow KDE users or any MS Windows user converting to a Linux desktop?
  • Do you want to present a particularly cool KDE technology, a tool, a program or anything else that helps Linux desktop users to become more productive?
  • Do you have an interesting success story or use case about KDE to tell which can help other users or administrators to deploy KDE on desktop workstations?
Then consider talking about it or giving a tutorial at the KDE User and Administrator Conference.

Topics of interest for the User and Administrator Conference

We solicit submissions for presentations and mini-tutorials about the following fields (but not restricted to these only). Everything KDE-related will be considered. We aim to heavily target on how KDE fulfills the needs of administrators and users in corporate or governmental bodies' network environments when they decide to migrate to Linux:

  • - Showcasing KDE as the powerful Integrative Platform for "external" programs that it is now
  • - KDE and Qt programs for Linux and Unix desktops and servers
  • - DCOP, KParts, KIO Slaves, KOffice, multimedia etc. usage in KDE desktop deployments
  • - KDE service menus
  • - KDE administration tools
  • - Desktop installation, maintenance, update and support strategies in large scale enterprise environments
  • - User management issues in large networks
  • - User training
  • - KDE power user tips and tricks
  • - KDE kiosk mode
  • - Internationalization
  • - Documentation
  • - Quality assurance
  • - Usability, accessibility, interoperability
Especially welcome are convincing "live" (not slide) presentations which highlight one of our many (new as well as established) desktop killer applications or technologies. Also welcome are programs developed "externally" from KDE CVS, but showcasing the power of KDE integration capabilities, or simply their benefits to users. To name a few:
  • Konqueror
  • Kontact
  • Kolab
  • KDEPrint
  • k3b
  • Quanta Plus
  • Kommander
  • KOffice
  • Integrating OpenOffice.org into KDE with cuckooo, Qt/VCL and NWF
  • Scribus
  • Kile
  • KDevelop
  • KStars
  • Kig
  • KBarcode
  • Noteedit
  • Kexi
  • KERP
  • Digikam
  • Kooka
  • JuK
  • Konference
  • KMyMoney
  • Kate
  • KDialog
  • KWallet
  • Kopete
  • Umbrello
  • and many more.....
We encourage you to consider using KD Executor made by KDAB (which is free for all KDE contributors) to create a short demo script covering your presentation, which may be re-used at other events and by other KDE contributors and promotors.

Time slots are currently scheduled for 30 minutes talk and 15 minutes Q&A. In some cases, it may be possible to occupy two slots for a total talk time of 90 minutes or offer short presentations of 15 minutes each. Please note the estimated talking time in your application.

Not only KDE developers, but also documentation writers, translators, promoters, deployers and other contributors as well as KDE power users should consider to respond to this CfP.

Submission Guidelines

Those proposing to make a presentation should submit a 150-300 words abstract including the name and e-mail address of the author(s) to cfp2004@kde.org. The presentation should at least contain as one part a live demo of the KDE program you talk about (if applicable). Please indicate if the submission is meant for the "Conference for KDE Contributors and Developers" or for the "User and Administrator Conference" part The abstract should at least contain one sentence about the following items:

  • Who is the target audience of the presentation/talk?
  • What are the specially highlighted features of the app/topic you are presenting?
  • Which features are you going to show "live" and how?
The conference language is English, but we will also accept some German language submissions (considering that a large part of the audience for the Users' Conference will be at home in the Stuttgart region and not necessarily be able to understand English well). Abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee based on content, presentation and suitability for the event. By submitting an abstract you give permission to publish it on the conference web site, and probably in a printed conference booklet.

Speaker Incentives and Financial Compensation

We only have a limited budget for this conference, and cannot generally pay travel expenses or any other reimbursement or gratification to speakers. We can provide accommodation and boarding at a very low price (expect about 20 -25 EUR per day for bed and breakfeast, but don't expect luxury accommodation).

Please note that even if we can grant you a bursary, you will still be expected to pay a part of the trip yourself, as well as your boarding and lodging.

There will also be time for socializing during the weekend (or during preceding days) of this exciting *KDE World Summit*. Especially pleasing is that you can join us at Saturday, 28th of August to celebrate the "First International Software FreedomDay" as well as for the big evening Social Event!

Important Dates

Please submit your contributions no later than the indicated dates:

Abstract submission deadline:
Sunday, May 30, 2004, 23:59 h (UTC)
Acceptance notification:
Tuesday, June 30, 2004 (e-Mail)

For the KDE User and Administrator Conference Program Committee:

Tom Schwaller, Chairman
IBM Linux Desktop Technical Leader (Europe/Middle East/Asia)
Kurt Pfeifle,
KDE Contributor
Daniel Molkentin,
KDE Core Developer
Klaus Knopper,
KDE User, LinuxTag e.V. Chairman


  • The KDE User and Administrator Conference Program Committee also accepts proposals to invite speakers. Some potential speakers may not be aware about our conference, or may not consider their particular topic worth while talking about. So please: you are encouraged to actively look for good and exciting topics and contributors, even if you are not yourself doing a presentation... ;-)

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